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Shingles are the most popular roofing material for good reason: they’re lightweight and long-lasting, they come in many different styles to match your needs and tastes, and they’re affordable. 

But did you know there are different kinds of shingles, designed for different kinds of roofs? 

When building a new home or replacing a roof in Darby, you need to choose the best shingles to protect your home from the elements. Here’s how. 

Choosing the best shingles for your home

Before you start thinking about what type of shingle to use, ask yourself: is a shingle roof right for me? Shingles are a good fit for most homes, but there are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

One factor to consider is weather conditions in your area. Shingles don’t always stand up to extreme weather conditions like high winds or blizzards. Since Darby experiences moderate temperatures and an average amount of rain and snow, they should be more than enough to protect you from bad weather. 

In addition, the ventilation and slope of your roof may determine if shingles are right for you. Flat roofs, for example, cannot use shingles. 

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Choosing the right shingle material

Most shingles are made of asphalt, but wood, slate, and other composite materials are also common. 

The material you choose goes beyond the aesthetic: it also has a big impact on the protection your roof will offer. Different types of shingles have different wind ratings and levels of impact resistance, so make sure you choose a shingle that can stand up to some rain and snow. 

Asphalt shingles are long-lasting with a lifespan of 15-20 years, while other materials can last even longer. Keep this in mind when choosing a material for your new roof. 

Selecting your style

While a roof’s main job is to keep the weather out and the warmth in, it also affects the look of your home… and even its future value on the market.

The higher the slope of your roof, the more visible your shingles will be. Make sure you choose a style and color that matches your siding, shutters, and overall look of your home. 

If any nearby houses have similar roofs as yours, take notice of the shingles they chose and whether or not you like the overall effect. 


Consider Your Roofing Warranty

Even the best shingle job can go wrong. Severe weather conditions or falling debris can prematurely damage your shingles and cause unexpected costs. 

That’s why a warranty is another key factor to consider when choosing your shingles. 

If you work with KO Roofing, you’ll be making the right investment in your home’s future. We offer a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty on all our shingles.

Finding the right Darby roofer

There are many roofers available for hire in Darby and the greater Philadephia area. Work with KO Roofing to get the best work from the best contractors, and benefits like: 

  • Top-grade materials 
  • Friendly, personable employees that give advice and keep you posted on the job progress
  • Roof financing
  • Affordable pricing paired with high-quality precision

Know nothing about shingles? We’ve got you covered… literally. During your free consultation and estimate, we’ll walk you through choosing the best shingles for your roofing needs from our selection of over 20 styles and types. 

“Kevin came out on a couple days notice for a free estimate. He and his crew were able to replace the roof on my rental property ahead of their estimated schedule. They banged it out in one day and sent me photographs of the finished work. Great work and a nice team of people. 5 stars, would recommend! – Matthew


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