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Are you in need of a roof replacement or repair in Chester, PA? KO Roofing has been serving Chester for the past decade, and we’re proud to help our friends and neighbors in the area. We offer affordable roofing solutions with unmatched workmanship and quality. Our goal is to protect your home and give you the best roofing solution for your situation. That’s why we offer free estimates and inspections to all our clients.

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Do you need a roof repair or replacement?

Has it been over 20 years since your roof was installed? Are there loose shingles or sinking in your roof? If so, It may be time to replace your roof entirely to protect your home for decades to come. Here are a few signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

  1. Several severe leaks or recurring leaks
  2. Rotting or molded wood
  3. Sunk or buckled roofing
  4. Bowed or bent conduits may indicate a roof collapse is imminent. Please have your roof inspected immediately.
  5. Waning or deformities in the wood structure or support
  6. Windows that are difficult to open or open on their own

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Shingle Roofing in Chester

Shingles are highly versatile and can be installed in various designs to complement your home’s structure. In addition, high-quality shingles are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and can withstand high winds when correctly installed. KO Roofing offers a 15-year workmanship warranty on all shingle installations. On top of that, we use top-grade shingles by Pinnacle Pristine that come with a limited lifetime warranty. We offer dozens of different shingle colors and styles for your choosing.

Not sure where to start? Ask an expert at KO Roofing or head over to our shingle roofing page to learn more.

Why Customers in Chester Choose KO Roofing

Why trust us with your roof? 

10 years of experience. We’ve replaced a LOT of roofs and our team are experts at handling any issue that might come up.

Top grade materials. We only use the best, so you get the most protection.

A lifetime of protection. We’ve partnered up with some of the best manufacturers to provide warranties that will last for decades. Plus, we even offer a 15-year workmanship warranty.

Don’t sacrifice anything. We pair affordable roofing with high-quality precision. When you choose KO Roofing, you don’t have to choose between breaking the bank or damaging your home.

Roof financing. Don’t risk damage to your property. Ask us about our financing options and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

We’re people, too. Our team takes pride in doing the job right. We’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours and keep you completely up-to-date on what we’re doing to set your mind at ease.

“Kevin came out on a couple days notice for a free estimate. He and his crew were able to replace the roof on my rental property ahead of their estimated schedule. They banged it out in one day and sent me photographs of the finished work. Great work and a nice team of people. 5 stars, would recommend! – Matthew


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