Shingles or Metal roofs, which to choose?

It’s time to install a new roof on your house. You might just be thinking about what color you want it, or maybe who you should hire. But there’s an important question you might not have even considered: What kind of roof do you want?

While shingles are still the most popular roofing material, they’re not the only viable option anymore. In fact, metal roofs are increasing in popularity. And with their wide variety in colors and styles, there might be more metal roofs in your neighborhood than you think. 

Each type of roofing comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The choice is really up to you (and your chosen roofing professional!). Here are some of the key differences between metal roofs and shingle roofs: 

Roofing Material Breakdown

Metal roofs aren’t just old-style tin anymore. They’re made of zinc, aluminum, steel, and other galvanized metals, and they typically come in large panels that are screwed onto the roof. These roofs are extremely versatile: the variety of colors and shapes are suited to match any home style. 

Traditional shingles are made of asphalt. As you probably already know, they come in individual pieces that are typically attached with a nail gun. You’ll often have to choose from a limited number of colors and styles.

Lifespan Of Metal and shingle roofs

Metal roofs are extremely long-lasting with a lifespan of 40-70 years. Some have been known to last as long as 100! For this reason, metal roofs often come with 30-50 year warranties. 

By contrast, shingle roofs don’t last nearly as long: they’ll typically need to be replaced within 20-30 years. The most important factor in a shingle roof’s lifespan is your climate. 

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Shingle vs Metal Roof Cost

It’s more expensive to install a metal roof, for obvious reasons. The materials are much more expensive, ranging anywhere from $100 to $900 per ‘square’ (100 square feet) of material. And since the installation is more specialized, you might need to pay more for a qualified contractor. 

A shingle roof will be cheaper to install, with materials only $100-$200 per square. Any roofing contractor will be able to replace a shingle roof, which means it’s more affordable upfront. 

However, metal roofs are often more cost-effective in the long-run as their durability means they last longer and are less likely to need repairs. In addition, metal roofs are more energy efficient, meaning you’ll save money on your energy bills, and you might even get a discount on your insurance or see an increase in your property value. 

Installation and Repair

Metal roofs are more difficult and time-consuming to install due to the nature of the materials. Qualified contractors are less common, which means you’ll have to do your due diligence and may have to pay a higher fee. If your metal roof gets damaged, it may be difficult and costly if a full sheet of metal is in need of repair or replacement. 

Shingles, on the other hand, are a much easier job that require a less specialized contractor. They come ready to be attached to the roof and if minor damage occurs, it’s easier and cheaper to replace a couple of shingles.

Metal vs Shingle Roof Durability

Metal roofs are extremely durable and built to last. They’re able to withstand strong weather conditions, are fire resistant, and are so lightweight they won’t put any strain on your home. However, they can be dented or scratched by things like hail, falling branches, or a misplaced step by a contractor. 

Shingles come with their own set of issues: they’re susceptible to water damage and mold, and high winds can cause them to peel or fall off completely. But installed properly, a shingle roof is still more than durable enough to protect you and your family. You can also walk on them without concern.

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Is metal or shingle roofing right for you?

When making the decision on shingle vs. metal roofing, keep these considerations in mind: 

  • Your budget. How much are you able to invest now? Can you afford a larger upfront investment to save money in the long run? 
  • Your roof design and aesthetic. Which type of material would suit your roof type, home, and personal tastes better? 
  • Your climate. If you live in an area with a lot of wind, rain, and hail, a metal roof may be the better choice. 
  • Availability. If your roof needs to be replaced right away, you might have to make decisions based on the materials or contractors available in your area. 
    What the experts say. You’re not a roofing expert. We are! During your free consultation, ask your contractor to discuss the pros and cons of each roofing type based on your area and your home. 

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