How much does a new roof cost?

Few things are as important as the roof over your head. A good roof of course protects you from the harsh elements and from water damage, but it can also increase the value of your home. 

Whether you’re replacing your roof due to damage, old age, or for simple aesthetics, there’s probably one burning question at the forefront of your mind: 

How much is a new roof going to cost? 

It can be a bit of a tough question to answer, but let’s do our best to break it down. 

Average roof replacement cost

According to Forbes, the national average cost to replace your roof is about $8,000. Most homeowners pay between $5,000 and $12,000 – a pretty wide range! 

By contrast, for roof repairs or a partial roof replacement, you can expect to pay between $500 and $2000. 

So what determines how much a new roof will cost you? As with most renovations around the home, there are usually a lot of factors at play.

Two main factors in roof replacement cost

One of the biggest driving factors of a new roof cost is your home’s square footage. The bigger your home, the larger your roof, which means more material and labor to pay for. 

The other main piece of the puzzle involves your roof itself: the roofing materials used. Certain materials are more expensive than others, which will have a big impact on your final cost. 

Materials are priced per square foot and typically account for about 40% of a new roof’s cost. The most cost effective method is traditional asphalt shingles, with expenses increasing for materials like galvanized steel or slate.

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Other factors that impact roof replacement costs

While the size and material of your roof play the most significant roles in the cost of a new roof, other factors can affect the price, too. 

Level of damage. Is your roof more than a few years old? Does it have extensive water damage or wood rot hidden under the shingles? If your roof has more than a couple of small issues, your roof replacement will be more costly to compensate for the roofers’ effort and time. 

Weather conditions and timing. Some roof replacements can happen in a single day, while others take days or even weeks. If the project takes a long time, or if extreme weather conditions interfere and make the work more difficult, you can expect your roof cost to increase.

Removing old material. Depending on when your roof was last replaced, your roofers may need to remove or redo certain parts of the structure. If they’re removing wood or hauling away old shingles, the total replacement cost will probably fall on the higher end of the range.

Who you hire. Every roofer might charge a different price for the same roof. You should always call around and get at least 2-3 quotes before starting work. Just remember: if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Professional roofing businesses might charge more, but the extra cost is well worth it to protect your home.


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